Meet Bryce Young: Once homeless, now brewing absinthe and building with block-chain to end hunger. Technology = Equality: BONUS EPISODE

Meet Bryce Young: Once homeless…

A need for simplicity turns to homelessness and transforms into business ownership and block-chain product planning. Bryce Young, founder of Bryce Distillery joins the Technology = Equality Community for a special bonus episode! Young and eager to learn his limits, Bryce was looking for a way to find himself and start fresh in life after school. He began living based on the kindness of other people, which led to a period of personal growth as he began to recognize the importance of society. Listen in as Bryce shares the ups, the downs, and lessons learned during his entrepreneurial journey from Montana, to Texas, to Switzerland and home again.

Now brewing absinthe and building with block-chain to end hunger.

Strategy: Find a way to gain the skills required for the role you want to play in life. Find a mentor or someone willing to help you stay focused on your goals. Write down your priorities and reassess them as you go. Focus and clarity will be your greatest allies during the journey. Understand where it is you are trying to get to, but be sure you focus on your immediate steps.

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“I was engaging in a pursuit of my limits.” 

~Bryce Young

Wisdom: The people you are surrounded by during the journey are more important than the journey itself. Remember to always value your relationships with friends and family… they’re irreplaceable. Commit yourself to the habits you know you need in the long run. Your

Tools: How to serve absinthe.

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Wish: To implement block-chain technology to end global hunger.



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