Three simple steps to find new prospects. 

Where do you find prospects?Download this episode (right click and save)People talk… all the time…. often more then they listen! Use this simple human truth to your advantage. Stop wasting marketing dollars and start creating remarkable ones.Do a remarkable job and people will make remarks about you!A word of mouth referral is far more powerful […]

Save time and learn how to generate income.

It’s time to say goodbye to the first quarter of 2017 and welcome the second quarter with open arms and new goals. How are you planning to increase your production this quarter? Start by learning how to save yourself some time. Download this episode (right click and save) We have all heard the phrase ‘Time […]

Robinn Lange on listening to and believing in yourself.

Robinn spends much of his time training and working with entrepreneurs through his growing library of resources. This week Robinn joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #63 to share his resources with you! Download this episode (right-click and save) “Even when we don’t want to entrepreneur, we entrepreneur.” ~Robinn Lange Strategy: Listen to […]

How to begin finding your X-Factor with Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte, one of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers, TEDx Speaker, best-selling author and TV show host takes a moment from her extremely busy schedule to join the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #62. Listen in as Isabelle shares insight on how to begin finding your X-factor. Download this episode (right click and […]

How do you capture future opportunities?

In my last post “How To Perfect Your Client Retention Plan for 2017” I promised you a couple of strategies to ensure you can seamlessly create time for taking thorough notes. As previously discussed, your appointment notes can serve as a gold mine for your practice. The list below is a set of actionable steps you […]