Do you waste money on the web?

Really, think about it, do you waste money on the web?

Do you do any internet shopping?

Do you play online games?

Do you have information in the cloud?

Ok, so maybe you try not to spend online,

I’m proud of you! However, I still want you to think a little harder.

Do you waste money on the web?

If I had a dollar for every person who answered this question with a no… I really would be an extremely wealthy woman!!! Seriously, I would even put money on the idea that you yourself may have answered this with a no. Well…

My material is not something you print and share! It is not used in science classes for kids or a reading group for moms! If you’re you reading this blog post, you are on the web. You are using an electronic device; (be it your computer or mobile device) of which you paid to obtain, pay for electricity to re-charge and/or operate and enjoy, and you likely pay for wifi or a data plan. (Unless you are logging in from the library or a friends place which I doubt, but if you are, you are excluded from this personal thought process.)

If the web is not making money for you….

You, Waste Money On The Web!

Now, that statement may have annoyed some people, and you may not agree with me. That’s totally fine! (That’s what the comment section is there for.) It’s just my opinion, justify your expenses whichever way you like. Not to me, please, I don’t really care. I just feel that every person should find a way to create a residual income with the internet, or get off! LOL…. I was kidding.

I just feel like we all know certain facts…..

The internet is how the world is beginning to fully operate.

Cloud computing, and web based programs are quickly becoming standard practice across all industries.

We all use the web for one reason or another, and we all pay for it one some form or fashion.

…And we insist on ignoring them!


Make the web work for you!

Stop wasting money and start making money on the web.

The steps to begin creating a second income online are not as difficult as you probably assume! In fact you can probably make a dollar today if you own a mobile device with access to iTunes or Google Play and you are willing to go take some action!

If you are interested in seeing how easy it is to get started….

You don’t want to pay anything… (I would suggest not paying for anything if you can help it!),

You don’t want to feel obligated to anything, but curiosity is getting the better of you….

Next step is to take some action!

Rick West joins the Technology = Equality Communtiy for Episode #12!

Rick West joins the Technology = Equality Communtiy for Episode #12!

Download the FREE Field Agent application while you listen to episode #12 with Rick West founder of Field Agent. The get up, get out and see what you can do!

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