Creating change for generations, Dr. Stephen Jones joins the Tech = E Community for Episode #70.

Creating change for generations.Dr. Stephen Jones is creating change for generations. Dr. Jones is the President of SAJ Publishing and the Associate Dean of students at the College of Engineering at Villanova University. As a young child, Dr. Jones witnessed the leaders of his neighborhood strive to build a better community. He quickly made up his mind to follow in their footsteps and one day create an opportunity to personally give back and help his community develop a bigger vision. Dr. Jones joins the Technology = Equality Community for episode #70. Listen in as we chat about community, college, and commitment. 

Dr. Stephen Jones is creating change for generations.

“Always planting seeds to one day blossom into opportunity!”

~Dr. Stephen Jones

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Strategy: Pay attention to the gaps in information, this can often lead to a breakthrough. Dr. Jones noticed schools were teaching information to accomplish a specific annual goal. He feels the traditional education, no matter what sector (private, public or charter) are, not teaching students how to learn. He clearly defined the need and the market with this need and began to serve. Have you defined your market? What is the need you are serving? Who is it that would have this need? How can you connect with them on a regular basis? Define, and redefine the answers to these questions as you begin your journey. Creating change for generations.

Wisdom: Transform your idea into a goal by developing a strategic plan of action for accomplishment. Get involved with motivational programs and find mentors who have achieved the goals you are looking to accomplish. Take the time to build your reputation and let people know what it is you are up to. Get started as soon as possible and always remember that patience and persistence are a requirement for this journey.

Wish: Dr. Jones is looking forward to creating change for generations. He is currently working on providing round-the-clock automated training to his community and beyond to allow everyone the ability to develop and accomplish a bigger vision.


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Creating change for generations.


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