Marques D. Anderson- Episode #35- The Technology = Equality Podcast

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Former NFL safety Marques Anderson has transformed his career in football to a life of philanthropy. Marques is bridging the gap between education and industry implementation with the World Education (WE) Foundation. Listen in as Marques shares his journey from the NFL to Norway with the Technology = Equality Community for episode #35.
“You have to be ready to dive in, sometimes without all of the details.” ~Marques Anderson
Strategy: Research, research, and more research. Use every avenue, contact and resource you can think of to educate you on your industry. Activate your network by recognizing whose strengths complement your weaknesses.
Wisdom: Know your WHY and be open to new opportunities! Your entrepreneurial journey will never be as predictable as your end goal. Enjoy the lessons learned as your journey continues to unfold.
Wish: To streamline the process of identifying good opportunities for the WE Foundation to take action and create initiatives to continue bridging the gap between education and idea implementation in new industries.

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