What are you willing to sacrifice? Episode #4 with Pat Flynn!

What are you willing to sacrifice?

What are you willing to sacrifice now for a changed tomorrow?

This is the dude from Southern California who started it all for me with podcasting! Pat Flynn is podcasting, blogging and making a living online as the host of both the Smart Passive Income and Ask Pat, two of my favorite podcasts! If you have ever thought about making a dime online and just can’t figure out where to begin… Pat Flynn is your man! Pat delves into taking and making the time to create your business!

What are you willing to sacrifice now for a changed tomorrow?

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“I was working really hard, doing well, making good money and following in my father’s footsteps…. He worked really hard for 40 years and supported our family. I wanted to do the same….. then I was laid off.” ~Pat Flynn

Strategy: Listen to your audience, understand what it is they are looking for and serve them.

Wisdom: Success does not happen with the snap of a finger. You have to be patient and do the work! Give yourself time and always remember to pay yourself first. If you see signs of an overnight success… RED Flags should raise your head!

Wish: Pat Flynn, and many other creators across the globe would love to demystify the iTunes ranking system.


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