Insider Secrets To Increasing Your Production Credits

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Insider Secrets To Increasing Your Production Credits

Have you hit a plateau in your sales production?

Are you ready to take your sales practice to the next level? 

Are you ready to learn the insider secrets to increase your production?

Imagine increasing your production and having an office that is clean, clear, organized and green. Imagine calmly collecting the information required for your next compliance review with ease.

Have you ever asked how the top financial professionals began their sales practice?

I have spent over a decade customizing techniques to help financial professionals and small business owners like you create a structured path to scale their sales practice.

What helped make the biggest difference in their production?

Getting overwhelmed and cutting corners is never a good solution for business. I have watched many financial professionals, with the best intentions, burn out! Do you really want to continue trying to get to inbox zero? I’m positive your never-ending task list, or the lack of a list, is creating some level of anxiety at this point.

Where will your practice be next year if you choose not to take action now?

You have probably invested in sales training programs to help you increase production before. I am sure the creator of the product may have had the very best of intentions to help you move forward. They may have even provided you with tools based on years of research. Problem is, you were provided with one size fits all instructions which don’t apply to you, your practice or the current age we live in!

Learn how to remove yourself from W.I.N.O. Mode.

The stage of your business where all you can do is Work In and Not On your business! Stop struggling with how to grow your practice. What you need is a way to get and stay organized. A way to cut costs, streamline tasks and simplify delegation.

Upon implementing the MORE TIME program, many of my clients have doubled their production while taking more vacations with family and spending quality time with friends.

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I am about to share with you insider secrets I have learned while building my sales practice, helping financial advisers build theirs! I want to help you walk into your next compliance review with confidence. I want to help you delegate with ease and enjoy vacations unplugged.

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Did you know the average person wastes more than an hour daily searching for information or tools required to perform their work?

Saving time is the most important item not listed on any to-do list no matter how large or small. It is very easy to lose track of life with the numerous activities we perform daily.

I have developed the MORE TIME program to make your paperwork painless and reduce the overall expense of growing your sales practice. The program was designed to allow you an opportunity to reclaim your time.

The program will help you;

* Maintain the mindset shift of your choice

* Clear your office of clutter 

* Make your space green

* Define streamlined procedures 

* Determine an optimized delegation process

* Defeat the fear of your next compliance review

* Clarify and understand your target market 

* Develop a strategy to increase production 

* Understand tools to assist in delegation and automation 

* Create time to enjoy life and grow your sales practice. 

The are many programs in the marketplace that can help you learn what to do to improve each aspect of your sales practice. The MORE TIME program shows you the how behind the what; then provides you with a step by step program to maintain the changes you implement.

What would you do to begin doubling your production today?

Learn how to stay focused on the areas of your practice where you need it the most in the most efficient manner ever!

As an introduction to the program, I am providing you with a copy of The MORE TIME E-book, the foundation of a successful sales practice. An E-Book designed to guide you through the four pillars of small business success in ten minutes or less!

Are you keeping one eye open but squinted as you scroll to take a peek at the cost listed on each new landing page? The secrets contained in this book are extremely valuable and have the potential to revolutionize your sales practice. I am providing this book free of charge, just to get you going!

I know how frustrating it can be when you arrive on a landing page and find out it’s $997 to even begin to make any progress! This slows your motivation and may even bring it to a grinding halt. I am not at all interested in slowing down your progress.

I want you to learn the secrets now!

I want you to have the information you need to begin breathing again. I don’t want to create another barrier or hurdle to your success. I want to give you the secrets to help you begin improving your sales practice today.

No investment and no excuses not to get started!

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Ready to dive in and take control of your practice in 2017?

Click here to save your seat for the M.O.R.E. T.I.M.E. webinar.

Space is limited…

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