Putting Big Data into action, Rick West is providing real-time solutions with Jicco.

Rick West = BIG DATA Continually optimizing the use and application of Big Data, Rick West re-joins the Technology = Equality Community to introduce his latest Big Data product, Jicco. Rick West has been a member of the Tech = E Community since we originally spoke with him regarding Field Agent for episode #12. Field […]

Three simple steps to find new prospects. 

Where do you find prospects? Download this episode (right click and save) People talk… all the time…. often more then they listen! Use this simple human truth to your advantage. Stop wasting marketing dollars and start creating remarkable ones. Do a remarkable job and people will make remarks about you! A word of mouth referral […]

Kate Erickson shares how podcasting helped in finding her voice.

Kate Erickson shares how podcasting helped in finding her voice. Kate Erickson rejoins the Technology = Equality Community to discuss how Kate’s Take was created and how it helped Kate to find her voice. “I was so nervous…I had to embrace my fears!” ~#Kate Erickson Strategy: Take complex things and break them down into easy […]

Chaz Boren: Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #52

Chaz Boren, co-founder of True Blue Essentials joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #52. Listen in as Chaz provides an intimate view of how the pivots in his journey took him from web development in middle school to organic chemistry in marriage. “The first step was realizing a product I developed for my wife and spent […]