Building the best team for your business! Nicole Wipp joins the community for Episode #76

Begin building the best team for your business with Nicole Wipp! Nicole Wipp is the founder of Wipp Enterprises, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in leadership, team building and retention services. Nicole an internet based entrepreneurial consulting firm and Nicole has also created the Family and Aging Law Center.  Nicole is an expert at building the right […]

Create a plan

Create a plan for tomorrow, today. Brad Parnell: The Technology = Equality Podcast- Episode #13

When is the last time you sat down to create a plan for the future? Do you have a plan for the future? Brad Parnell, the Sea Captain himself took some time from his hectic schedule to share unforgettable wisdom and the story most wish they could create for themselves! Learn how Brad’s preparing for the future of […]

Branding Experiences to build a better business.- Episode #20 Mitch Dowell

Mitch Dowell is Branding Experiences to build a better business. In 2008, in the middle of the recession, Mitch Dowell realized he needed to develop a safety net beyond the traditional retirement plan. With a layoff creeping up, Mitch began laying the groundwork to create a side income. Listen in as Mitch shares his time and expertise, and one day […]

Jodi Flynn, inspiring women everywhere. Find the right network, and work it!

Jodi Flynn, inspiring women everywhere. Find the right network, and work it! Jodi Flynn, business coach and host of the Women Taking The Lead Podcast, is inspiring women everywhere. This week Jodi joins the Technology = Equality Community for Episode #19! Jodi’s journey began studying psychology in school before transitioning to a career in mutual […]

Silence your inner critic with Mary Cheyne, Episode #71 of the Technology = Equality Podcast.

How do you get over yourself and your fears? Listen in and learn how to silence your inner critic, the unspoken hurdle professional public speakers don’t speak of publicly! Mary Cheyne, the 2009 World Championship of Public Speaking 1st Runner-up, of 25,000 contestants from over 14 countries, is helping you to face your fears, silence your inner […]

Creating change for generations, Dr. Stephen Jones joins the Tech = E Community for Episode #70.

Dr. Stephen Jones is creating change for generations. Dr. Jones is the President of SAJ Publishing and the Associate Dean of students at the College of Engineering at Villanova University. As a young child, Dr. Jones witnessed the leaders of his neighborhood strive to build a better community. He quickly made up his mind to follow […]

Begin crushing goals with this age old trick! 

  My mother always told me to create a “to-do” list. This was of course at a time when smartphones and tablets only appeared on television shows like ‘Star Trek’.  My mother would pull out her list with delight, just a plain piece of white paper folded into three parts. Excited and crossing off yet another item, my […]

How to quickly streamline your process for maximum profit.

Do you get busy? Or do you get productive? What’s the difference? The difference is working by objective and not by task. How to quickly streamline your process for maximum profit. Download this episode (right-click and save) Often times when entering my office in the morning I am greeted by a number of tasks. It […]