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Lori Brooks is a Procedure Improvement Specialist, blogger, creator of the "M.O.R.E. T.I.M.E." program, and the "Small Business Media Weekly" Flipboard Magazine, as well as producer and host of the Technology = Equality Podcast. Since 2001, Lori Brooks has designed and customized techniques to help financial professionals create a customized, structured path to support their success. Lori understands that implementing change is not always easy and has helped entrepreneurs of all types respond to industry changes in order to stay competitive. 

Providing a wide range of consulting services, Lori helps business owners create strategic plans to adjust their mindset and procedures to support the personal and internal changes required to achieve maximum success. Are you ready to step into the future of your practice?

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The Technology = Equality Podcast

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The Technology = Equality Podcast was created to help solve some of the biggest pains in various industries & spark new business ideas.

Tune in weekly for tips on maintaining the right mindset, getting organized, or clarifying the steps you need to take to create & grow your sales practice. Do you need a business idea or steps on how and where you can begin? Tell me what industry you want to learn more about, and I'll be sure to cover it in an upcoming episode! Do you have a guest you want to hear from? I'll do my best to find them! How can this show help you get started? Subscribe on iTunes, Podbean or Stitcher Radio to hear exciting conversations that won’t embarrass you in front of your kids!

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P.O. Box 51676 ◊ Boston, MA 02205 ◊ 617.615.6472 ph ◊ 530.618.6472 fax