STOP In Box Overload in 2 Easy Steps!

OMG… trying to keep up with e-mail every day is so time-consuming! As you begin learning online, you will find that signing up for mailing lists can be both your friend as well as your enemy. Initially, you believe that signing up for the list makes perfect sense with whatever the freebie giveaway is. No […]

Heidi Kingsbury- Episode #36 -The Technology = Equality Podcast

Download this episode (right click and save) Hear how one woman took her psychology degree to the dogs! Heidi Kingsbury shares the difficulty of finding your true path and how she has dealt with the pivots of her entrepreneurial journey. “People have to hit rock bottom to want to change!” ~Heidi Kingsbury Strategy: Heidi found that giving back and taking the […]

5 Tasks to delegate to your electronics..

I am always amazed by the number of built in features people fail to implement into their daily lives. Try setting aside 15-30 minutes a week to learn, or find something new on your devices to help get you organized. If you don’t have the following features built in, be sure to try the endless free versions easily found […]

Brandon Eigenberg- Episode #33-The Technology = Equality Podcast

Brandon Eigenberg joined AXA Advisors in 2007 and has recently become a Vice President at AXA and is currently looking to bring new advisors onto his team. Today Brandon joins the Technology = Equality Community to share a unique entrepreneurial journey and opportunity. “I focus on building relationships, clients need to be able to trust me.”  ~Brandon J. Eigenberg […]

5 reasons 2 Love iPhone 6S/6S Plus

The ‘S’ stands for ‘supped up’ The annual Apple Event has become a holiday for hipsters, the silicon Super Bowl. While the reactions for the new lineup of products varied; from head scratching over the Apple Pencil to anticipation for iPad Pro, there weren’t many surprises when it came to the newest iPhone. As expected […]