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Have you thought about your plan?

When thinking about your entrepreneurial start, first you should try to imagine how you would like to see your business running in the future.

Really take some time and think about this. Ask yourself this question when creating your plan;

How do I plan to operate, better yet, how do I dream of operating my business?

Do you see yourself on an expedition through the White mountains?

How will you communicate with your team?

How will you track what goes on in your business, if you are not micro-managing every detail?

Do you see yourself in a giant office with a view of your city skyline?

More often than not, new business owners are concerned with generating income and gaining the first or next client. They keep general information for each customer but neglect to keep this information organized in a manner they can easily refer to.

Too often when working with a new client, our first project is the operations and procedures manual.

I created, and gave away several templates to fit financial service agents operations, from scratch; long before I ever thought to monetize this as a business!

It just seemed like common sense when I began working in financial services.

If we want to increase numbers, I had to know how to process things in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. I would take notes on my every move and turn things into batched processes as I worked.

Eventually I would take all of my notes and turn them into a procedure log for quick reference. As time went by, I began receiving requests for spreadsheets and sample procedures. On average, each agent using any variation of my methods were capable of seeing a minimum 25% – 30% increase in production credits.

One of my proudest moments; I had been working with a client for almost two years to streamline processes and simplify her procedures. When we took a look at the numbers there was a clear two months in which production credits had increased by a full 69% from the previous year in the same two months.

To scale a process, you must understand every piece of the process. You need to understand why the pieces are what they are and where each piece fits into the process as a whole.

A long time ago, long before tablets & cell phones, I used to dream of being a business woman on the go with Star trek like devices running it all, no matter where I was.

Yup, Accomplished that goal! Thank you Apple & Steve Jobs!

I thought about how I wanted to see myself running the business. Had I never invested my time in getting organized, there is no way I could have created this business!

Once you have an idea of how your business will run, I want you to begin reverse engineering through this process.

If you see yourself in a corner office of your building, what are the steps that will take you there? Think this through as best you can. Try to write out the ideas as they come to you.

Once you have several ideas on paper, begin thinking about the resources you currently have available. Consider, which resources work best together, and if there is a particular operating system you may want to implement initially.

F.Y.I.- Free is not always the best option! 

 Yes, I preach frugality, especially in a start up!

There are things you should not try to get frugal with, two of which are; 

1. Your software and

2. The time creating your procedures!

It is 2015 and the need for a procedure booklet is fading as there are numerous work flow and procedure applications to choose from. Be sure the software you purchase is compatible with how you want to run your business.

Is the software accessible in mobile format?

Are there any mobile limitations with the software?

Did you try a demo version?

When starting your business, get as organized as possible. If you start all of your processes and document what you would like them to be, scaling your business when the time comes, will seem like a walk in the park; tiring, but so worth it!

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